Monday, April 27, 2009


A little variety goes a long way!! I was recently reminded of this the past few months.
I fell into the same workout routine black hole after my half marathons at the beginning of the year. I was focused on my running, building a small business, and my honey-do list around the house. I began to have minor aches and pains. I couldn't believe this was happening to me!! Of course, I couldn't take my own advice and decrease my running miles and increase my flexibility work. I was receiving regular massage therapy and chiropractic treatments. What the heck!!! Then I picked up one of my old trainer books to refresh. I actually put myself through some of the stretches and movements. WOW!! I felt good after that. The following day I got on my bike and jammed 20 miles. WOW, That felt good to activate muscles that I haven't in a long time! The next day, I put myself through a workout with exercises that I usually have my clients do. WOW!! That felt good. Hmmmm.... I'm feeling GREAT mentally and physically. Is this variety and balance in training actually beneficial. YES!!! You have heard this before "Variety is the spice of life!" Well, It applies in with your training regiment and diet also. Cross training can be very effective to work out those imbalances in the body and mind, while decreasing the risk of over use injuries. So, next time you are filling run down in your workout regiment, try a new form of exercise that will enhance your mind and body! TRAINER TODD

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