Monday, August 25, 2008


Do you get bored with the same workout routine and exercises? I often lose that drive and desire to get in the gym and hit the weights, treadmill or elliptical machine. Sometimes 30 minutes can seem like an eternity on that piece of cardio equipment. So what do we need to do? Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a new activity. Instead of that treadmill day after day get out and hit Ladybird Lake Trail or one of Austin's many paved hills. A good way to get that cardio in is to meet with a local club or group. Most of these are fairly cheap and provide a variety of times and locations for their activity. Accountability can be a good motivator. You will also get a more intense workout in a group setting. Also, mix up that gym routine. Switch your exercises and workout days. Ask Trainer Todd for some of these exciting exercises. Your workouts should be balanced, like everything else in life. Don't be afraid to take an extra rest day or week off from training every so often. Your body goes through cycles, so should your workouts. GET OUT THERE!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rest Days

One of the toughest things to remember during our training regiments is the importance of rest days!! Yes, those days away from the gym, off the bike or away from Lady Bird Trail. We need to rest and recuperate at least one day a week. Don't feel guilty for enjoying a margarita, chips and queso instead of a 5 mile run in the Texas heat. That means letting those tired muscles regenerate from the stresses we place on them without any physical activity. Your body may react in different ways to these rest days. You may feel tired and lethargic that first workout back or you may be totally refreshed back at 100%!! Try to have a plan for this. Chronic fatigue is a good sign of over training. Some ways to combat over training are to have a plan, set goals, keep a log, sleep, and rest. By implementing these easy steps you can avoid the negative affects of over training. Rest days are key elements in this cycle. The body needs the adequate time to mend the damages placed upon it. GOOD LUCK!! REST UP!! Trainer Todd

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nike's Human Race 10k

Are you ready? Yes, OTEF will be represented at the Austin version of the Nike Human Race 10k. As a faithful Nike supporter from Oregon, I just have to do it. You can find the link to register for this event @ The race is approaching quickly. This will be your chance to run with Lance. That's Lance Armstrong kids. He will be hosting our Austin race. The race is on Sunday Aug 31st at 6:30p. This should be a HOT one. I will be down there to torture myself to represent OTEF. I will try to make us proud with a respectable finish time. Please join me for this event. Remember as Lance Armstrong once said "Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever!" Train on!! Train on!!! TT

Mornings vs. Evenings

HELLO ALL!!! Yes, It is the age old battle of morning workouts versus evening ones. Most of us have battled through those morning workouts in agony of that 5 A.M. wake up call with a certain trainer telling you two more, two more! We have also struggled through those evening workouts, tired and wore out from the stresses of everyday life. Just trying to hang on for that last 30 min until Trainer Todd says enough!! Well, what is more effective and beneficial? Research has data to support both arguments. Let's start with the benefits to mornings. Early exercisers are more likely to stick with exercise over the long term. You can beat the heat during those dog days of summer by rising early. You can kick start that metabolism and burn more calories earlier in the day. Your body will have increased energy levels through the morning and afternoon. Most important, All of the daily life commitments won't burden that early workout. Well, How about those evenings workouts? A major benefit is that your body is most alert between 4 P.M- 5 P.M. This means that your strength and stamina is 4-5% higher during this time. Your body temperature is at its highest during this period as well. This all helps to reduce injury. Research also suggests that sleeping patterns are more consistent with evening workouts. With valid research to support both arguments, it is best to know your body and what works best for you!! Keep pushing it!! Trainer Todd

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