Friday, August 8, 2008

Mornings vs. Evenings

HELLO ALL!!! Yes, It is the age old battle of morning workouts versus evening ones. Most of us have battled through those morning workouts in agony of that 5 A.M. wake up call with a certain trainer telling you two more, two more! We have also struggled through those evening workouts, tired and wore out from the stresses of everyday life. Just trying to hang on for that last 30 min until Trainer Todd says enough!! Well, what is more effective and beneficial? Research has data to support both arguments. Let's start with the benefits to mornings. Early exercisers are more likely to stick with exercise over the long term. You can beat the heat during those dog days of summer by rising early. You can kick start that metabolism and burn more calories earlier in the day. Your body will have increased energy levels through the morning and afternoon. Most important, All of the daily life commitments won't burden that early workout. Well, How about those evenings workouts? A major benefit is that your body is most alert between 4 P.M- 5 P.M. This means that your strength and stamina is 4-5% higher during this time. Your body temperature is at its highest during this period as well. This all helps to reduce injury. Research also suggests that sleeping patterns are more consistent with evening workouts. With valid research to support both arguments, it is best to know your body and what works best for you!! Keep pushing it!! Trainer Todd

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