Friday, August 8, 2008

Nike's Human Race 10k

Are you ready? Yes, OTEF will be represented at the Austin version of the Nike Human Race 10k. As a faithful Nike supporter from Oregon, I just have to do it. You can find the link to register for this event @ The race is approaching quickly. This will be your chance to run with Lance. That's Lance Armstrong kids. He will be hosting our Austin race. The race is on Sunday Aug 31st at 6:30p. This should be a HOT one. I will be down there to torture myself to represent OTEF. I will try to make us proud with a respectable finish time. Please join me for this event. Remember as Lance Armstrong once said "Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever!" Train on!! Train on!!! TT


Anonymous said...

Good for you Todd! I would love to participate in this awesome race, and with Lance! But being a native Colorado girl like your lovely wife, I just can't do it - not at 6:30p in August!!! Ugh! Kudos to her if she runs it too.


Todd McCann said...

THANKS for your response. You are probably smart to stick with those morning runs and races!! The Texas afternoons & evenings during the summer are brutal, especially if you aren't acclimated to running during this period. I'm sure there won't be any pr's for this event. Trainer Todd

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