Friday, August 15, 2008

Rest Days

One of the toughest things to remember during our training regiments is the importance of rest days!! Yes, those days away from the gym, off the bike or away from Lady Bird Trail. We need to rest and recuperate at least one day a week. Don't feel guilty for enjoying a margarita, chips and queso instead of a 5 mile run in the Texas heat. That means letting those tired muscles regenerate from the stresses we place on them without any physical activity. Your body may react in different ways to these rest days. You may feel tired and lethargic that first workout back or you may be totally refreshed back at 100%!! Try to have a plan for this. Chronic fatigue is a good sign of over training. Some ways to combat over training are to have a plan, set goals, keep a log, sleep, and rest. By implementing these easy steps you can avoid the negative affects of over training. Rest days are key elements in this cycle. The body needs the adequate time to mend the damages placed upon it. GOOD LUCK!! REST UP!! Trainer Todd

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Anonymous said...

I always felt lazy on off days, this makes me feel better. Thanks!

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