Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beat the Heat

HELLO ALL!!, Well we are in the middle of a hot, hot, hot summer. This is the time of year when those summertime training woes start to hit. One way to look at it is that all of this tough training in the heat will pay off in the fall. One of the most important items is hydration, hydration, hydration. I have tried numerous of electrolyte drinks, gel shots, bars, and recovery products. I have been training in this heat for over ten years in Arizona and now for three in Texas. My favorite endurance products come from Hammer Nutrition. They don't contain those high fructose corn syrups and numerous dyes or colorings. They are more natural and the biggest thing is that they are gentle on the stomach. They have a full line of products from powders to capsules to gels and bars. Check out their website hammernutrition.com. Also, don't forget those fruits and dark, leafy vegetables, whole grain pastas, and lean meats. Refueling becomes more important as we push beyond our physical limits. Try to choose nutrient dense foods. More BANG FOR THE BUCK!! ENJOY the summer!! Trainer Todd


Anonymous said...

A couple of question related to training and nutrition as it relates to over the hill types (males over 50):
1. I have heard that you should consume protein within 30 minutes of strength conditioning--is this a good idea for my age group or would time be better spent composing love ballads?
2. I read that it's best not to do a lot of cardio on the same day as strength training--your take?
3. Should 50+ types use whey or other protein stuff to enhance their diet or is that a waste of money and effort?
4. Should I just begin drinking heavily?


Todd McCann said...

All good questions!! I would start by drinking heavily while composing love ballads!! Yes, Your body is like a sponge the first 30 min after a workout. This is the beginning stage of rebuilding & recouperation for the muscle groups. I would recommend a high quality whey protein supplementto take after the resistance workouts. Muscle Milk is good also HDT pro blend 20 is high quality, but cheaper. A shorter low intensity cardio workout would be a good complement to those resistance days. ENJOY!! Trainer Todd

Caresse said...

This is great info to know.

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