Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I would like to start by saying THANK YOU!! I appreciate every one's support and words of encouragement through this transition to Over The Edge Fitness. It has been a dream of mine since I can remember. In case you haven't heard, I'm training in two locations. I will be at Gym One in Central Austin at Mopac & Anderson Ln a few days a week. I will spend the rest of my time in Lakeway. YESSSS, Lakeway! This is an exciting and unique training facility. I have 600 square feet of my own space as well as access to an indoor activity room and outside training fields. This is a non membership facility with clean locker rooms and plenty of room to get those GREAT workouts done. I know Lakeway sounds far, but we are only 8 miles past the dam off of 620. It's worth the drive. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for the coming weeks. Please check out my website @ My web guy put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in this. You all know how I harp at you during training, so just imagine what my web guy had to endure!! Please feel free to post feedback, and questions or concerns that you may have about this transition. I also welcome any discussion issues that you may have. ARE YOU READY? Trainer Todd


astros11 said...

How can I fit tequila into my workout routine? I need to know this.

Best regards,
Taras Bulba

Tami said...

I have actually accomplished working tequila, among other things, into my routine. We can talk offline Taras ;). Thanks Todd for kicking my a%*...I think. See you tomorrow in Lakeway!

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