Saturday, October 10, 2009


HELLO ALL! I would like take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE OTEF client Cheri Simpson for recently running the San Jose Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in a time of 2:45:42. This is a GREAT effort. I heard she was even smiling as she crossed the finish line! I guess all of that summer training through the Texas heat was worth it. Cherie has also lost 15 pounds and drastically lowered her LDL cholesterol level. Yes, the bad stuff! She has been consistant with her diet as well as bringing her "A" game to the gym for our training sessions. I would also like to give a BIGGGG shout out to her workout partner in crime Nan Finch, who got the ball rolling. Nan, Has lost 18 pounds herself over the past 2 months. She arrives with a GREAT attitude, even at 6 in the morning. She also puts up with my entertaining exercise regiments! CONGRATS and keep up the good work ladies. TRAINER TODD

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