Wednesday, November 19, 2008


With the Holiday season approaching, now is the time to focus in and prepare your workout routine for the end of year. I see a trend every year as the Holiday's approach. The workouts drop off as we get busier with parties, family, and travel.
This year let's get focused and prepared to keep a workout routine through the new year. Even if you downscale your regiment as long as you keep active. Your body will thank you come January 1st, when you make those new year resolutions.
Don't forget to pack those workout clothes if you are traveling. Find a gym close to where you will be staying at and drop in a class or hit the trail for a hike. Sign up for a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell run. Most hotels have gym and cardio equipment, so set 1 hour a day out of your schedule to get that workout in.
Try to monitor that Holiday diet as well. We are all human when it comes to mom's home cooking, but MODERATION is our friend. The more you think about diet and exercise over the Holiday's the easier it will be when you return to your normal routine. You will feel better!!! ENJOY THE HOLIDAY'S, Trainer Todd

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