Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change those old eating habits!!

HELLO ALL!!! It looks like summer, I mean spring is here!! Now that we have sprung those clocks forward, we have more daylight to enjoy. This is a good time of year to toss out some of those old eating habits and retool your diet. Variety is the spice of life, so mix up those foods and enhance your diet.
Eating the same old breakfast every morning? It is time to try some new foods. Try some scramble egg whites with a sprouted wheat bread, that contains a higher protein value. How about cottage cheese with fresh berries instead of the same old cereal!
Spring brings new produce to our markets with lower prices when in season. How about some fresh berries, melons, and maybe let your hair done, get crazy with some fresh pomegranate or mango. Lets not forget about those veggies!! You can zest up your plain salad with summer squash, asparagus or artichoke.
Hydration, hydration, hydration. Do you get tired of hearing that? A GREAT way to stay hydrated throughout the summer is to try new beverages. There are many hydration brands and flavors on the market today. Don't forget those fresh juices to kick start your mornings.
Finally, If you are like me you dread that weekly grocery shopping experience. I'm the KING of grocery store rut shopping. I buy the same products every week. Do your homework. Plan a menu out and take inventory of what ingredients you will need for your menu. This way you only need to make one trip. Also, I have found that if I have a weekly menu on the fridge I won't eat out as much.
Get in that kitchen and get cooking!!! Trainer Todd

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