Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Are you hardcore? Yes, The core is one of the most hated and neglected training systems. How many times have you put off core training until the end of your workout or end of the week? I used to find myself saying, "I will focus on core next week." Then I look back at my training log and it has been a month since I did core exercises, WHOOPS!! The core muscles are like a foundation of a house. The stronger they are the stronger your house is. So, how do we embrace those core movements? I have found that integrating core exercises throughout your workout routine is a positive route. I will pick a core movement, such as Russian ab twist, and use it as active recovery from another group of muscles in a rotation. Another great way to sneak core in is functional movements. For example, Walking lunges with a torso rotation holding a med ball. This is a GREAT way to challenge your mind body connection. You will see huge benefits from functional training because we are forcing your entire body to work and move.
Don't forget about your lower back and sides as well. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and focus on the front abs. So, do those planks and side crunches with a smile on your face!!
Mix it up!! I see people in the gym doing the same core movements week in week out. Variety is the spice of life!! your body will thank you for the challenge.
A strong, balanced core regiment will enhance you posture, balance, and performance. You will also experience decreased lower back pain and reduce the risk of injury in sport and daily life functions. GET READY, GET SET, GO HARDCORE!!! Trainer Todd

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