Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep It Simple

HELLO ALL, Here are a few simple rules to remember for doing quality running workouts. The most important, and sometimes forgotten is to ease in! Yes, This applies to you experienced runners coming back from a lay off or injury. Wait to add hard workouts until you're running three to four times per week. Hold off on the speed work until you can handle your regular workouts.
Warm up, The body needs a thorough warm up to prepare itself for an intense workout. Try an easy jog for a mile or two.
Pay attention, Yes it sounds easier than it is. Keep focus by wearing a watch with a lap function, so you can record your splits. Log the data into your journal, so you can detect patterns such as starting out too fast.
Recovery, Let your body have time to properly recover. Faster runs should be followed up by at least one easy day. Listen to your body!! Hit the streets, Trainer Todd

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