Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A HUUUUUUUGE Congratulations goes out to OTEF client Deanna Ortiz for successfully completing her first ever half marathon on December 13th, 2009. She ran the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon in a time of 2:42:52. NICE JOB!! She has put a lot of miles in this year getting ready. She has also been consistently training in the gym with yours truely. All of the hard work has payed off! She has also locked down her diet to finish the 13.1 miles lean and mean. I heard that she even passed up on shopping in Dallas to rest for the event. IMPRESSIVE!! I would like to take this opportunity to give Deanna's training partner, "One Arm" a BIG SHOUT OUT!! One Arm has kept Deanna focused on fancy handbags, that I can't pronounce, and the best Sunday brunch places in ATX!! Great job ladies. Keep it up!! TRAINER TODD

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