Monday, August 24, 2009

OTEF Update

HELLO ALL!! Yes, It has been a long summer! We have experienced a lot of changes over the year. We have all been through life changing events. We have all worked through ups and downs at the gym. I want to take this opportunity to THANK all of you for your hard work ethic and commitment with our training regiments. You all are my motivation to keep pushing forward in our workouts as well as my own training. I would like to welcome the new clients to the OTEF family and wish former clients continued success and happiness in their lives.
I'm now exclusively training at Gym One off of Anderson Lane and Mopac. We have more OTEF T shirts and water bottles available, so if you have not received one please ask.
Remember, 24 hour session cancellation is appreciated! I know life is unpredictable. We have all done a GREAT job with getting the workouts rescheduled.
REFERRALS are a huge part of growing OTEF. I still offer a complimentary training session to anyone who passes on a referral.
I'm happy to announce that OTEF will be a sponsor at this year's Run for the Water put on by Gilbert's Gazelle Foundation. This event will be held on Sunday November 8th 2009. There will be a kids run, 5k and 10 miler. I plan to run the 10 miler for OTEF!! Please join me in sponsoring this great cause. If you are not a runner, this is your chance to come see Trainer Todd in suffer mode.
Let's keep pushing hard in the gym and finish the year strong! Trainer Todd

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