Wednesday, June 17, 2009


HELLO ALL! I thought this was a valid blog topic after my AM easy jog and my hard PM run yesterday. I haven't done this sort of workout in a while. I was reminded that this sort of split workout tends to burn more calories throughout the day. It also increases the metabolism into the evening, when it usually slows down.
Of course, We do not want to use two a days everyday throughout the year. There are a few guidelines that I like to follow when implementing these workouts.
Recovery is crucial. Try to train smart. For example, Try cardio in the morning and weights/ stretching in the evening or vice versus. If you are choosing the same mode of exercise, such as running in the same day have one workout easy and the other more intense. Be reasonable in pushing your body. If you push hard for every workout, it may lead to injury, fatigue, and burnout.
You will need to monitor your water intake throughout the day, and make sure you are replenishing your glycogen stores within 30 minutes after a workout. I like power bars, bananas, and fast acting electrolyte drinks or gels especially in the summer heat.
Stretching and massage therapy become more important as your level of workouts increases. I like to use a dynamic warm up to prep my body for activity in the morning and shake the cobwebs off. I tend to use static stretching and active isolated with a band or rope after a cardio workout. I finish my day with self myofascial release on the foam roll. Add in therapeutic massage once every few weeks and your body will perform better.
Always have a plan or training program to follow when implementing these changes in your workout regiment.
GOOD LUCK! Trainer Todd

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