Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beer, Beer, Beer

Hello All! I came across this interesting fact about beer the other day. Since, I've been known to consume a few pints of the good stuff I wanted to share this with you all. The old notion that "beer is all empty calories" isn't true. It's also a rich source of silicon, a bone-building nutrient that can help ward off osteoporosis. A study conducted by Charles Bamforth, Ph. D. at the University of California at Davis and his team revealed not all brews yield the same level of silicon content. At the top of the list was Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. I can tell you from experience one of these beers will do you! It's an extreme bitter and high alcohol content of almost 9%. At the bottom of the list was the light beer category. So whether you like a darker beer with flavor or your old friend light beer remember that you are building bone density with every delicious sip. CHEERS, Trainer Todd

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