Sunday, February 7, 2010

Secrets to a Successful Race!

HELLO ALL!! It's a new year with new training regiments to help attain those racing goals. The road map has been set for your racing season. Here are a few helpful secrets to lead you to a successful race. Whether, It's your first race or your hundredth. These useful tips can put you on the correct path to a great race day experience.
First, Don't give in to temptation to train too much and too close to race day. You will not be able to positively influence your fitness level in the days leading up to the race. However, You will can negatively impact your race by training during that time.
Don't drink excess amounts of water in the days leading up to your race. A good gauge of water consumption should be roughly .5 of your body weight in pounds. If you have not been following this, don't start now. This process could overwhelm your body with too much fluid too soon. This could potentially cause hyponatremia.
Don't stuff yourself with extra food in the days leading up to the race in hopes of "carb loading". The time for maximizing your muscle glycogen storage capabilities has passed. "Carb loading" is what you do in that 0-60 minute after your workouts leading up to race day. That's when your glycogen synthase enzyme is most active or when your body is like a sponge to get those glycogen stores topped off. Any excess food intake in the days leading up to the race will be passed through the bowels or stored as adipose cells, no benefit!
Don't consume extra sodium. The average American already consumes around 6,000-8,000 mg per day. This is well above the recommended dose of 2,300-2,400 mg/day. Actually, adopting a low sodium diet will do wonders for your health and athletic performance. Also, BE CAREFUL about eating out the night before your event. Dining out can easily increase your salt intake!
Don't overeat the night before a race. Save the alcohol, fatty foods, and dessert as a reward after your race. Eat clean and get your quality nights sleep.
Don't sacrifice sleep to eat. Your glycogen stores are already topped off. That's why post workout nutrition is so important. Instead, get a qualities night sleep. Use your favorite gel pack before the race.
Don't try anything new on or the day before the race. This is a time for familiarity. Your diet, fluid consumption, and sleeping schedule should stay normal. This includes warm ups, stretching and hygiene. Yes, don't cut your toe mails the night before the race or try a new pair of socks or shoes out. Avoid the temptation of consuming the trendy gel pack or sports drink that comes in you race packet on race day. Play it safe, and you should have a positive experience. HAPPY RACING!! Trainer Todd

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