Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Workout Depression

HELLO ALL!! I was reminded of our old friend post race or post goal training DEPRESSION the other week after attending a local triathlon. This experience occurs after we train and prepare for a extended period of time building up for an event or attainment of workout goals.
I experienced this myself a few years ago after I ran my first marathon. I spent several months preparing for the event. I was very strict with my training regiment. I experienced many ups and downs through the process. Then in a few hours it was over. I felt good and was happy with my accomplishments. A few days later I had a feeling of depression and major let down. I had no motivation to even put on my running shoes, plus the fact that I had let my diet go. I remember spending a lot of time on the couch watching television with no ambition to work up a sweat. Finally, I decided to quit sulking and got back at it. I started with cycling some easy recovery miles and complimenting that with some challenging personal training sessions to shock the mind and body. Yes, It worked and I came out of the post race haze. I was able to set new short and long term fitness goals as well.
So, Next time you have completed those fitness goals or finished that race take time to relax and let your body recover. Try a new mode of exercise or activity. Group training events are a great way to get motivated back into it as well. Whether it is a round of golf, tennis or a yoga class stay active and keep that diet clean. Take your time to research and set some new short and long term fitness goals. You will feel better menatally and physically for it! GOOD LUCK, Trainer Todd

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