Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leave the I POD at home

HELLO ALL!! I see more and more people using mobile technology while exercising. I'm guilty of this as well. Long gone are the days of bulky Walk Man's and huge ear phones. Replaced by the compact I shuffle and I pod now with video capability. This makes it easier to plug in where ever we go, even in the gym. Nike even has clothing that has built in compartment storage for your I Pod. It is GREAT to have our motivating exercise mixes helping us through a grueling workout.
I actually went out on my run today without my trusty I Pod and running play lists. I finished the run more relaxed and decompressed than I have in a while. Yes, There are many factors that could have affected my run. However, I was more in tune with breathing, how my body felt, and running form than when I'm rocking out to Godsmack. Another important element that I enjoy was that I was able to clear my mind of stresses in life. I was able to work through a few things and came up with some GREAT ideas and solutions. So, whatever your mode of exercise is, try to leave the I Pod at home once in a while and focus on you!! HIT IT, Trainer Todd

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