Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Advice

Hello All! We all could use good training advice, especially when it is given by top pro athletes. I guess they have an idea about what works and what doesn't.
This comes from Josh Rohatinsky. He is a top American marathoner and a fellow Oregonian. Josh finished seventh in the 2008 New York City Marathon. He ran a solid 2:14:23.
Hills, hills, hills. I know we all enjoy running and cycling up long hills, especially at the end of a workout. Josh finished some of his 23 mile training runs with a long hill at the end to get him ready for miles 20-26 in the marathon. This is a great training technique. This will help you focus on form and reach in yourself to find that toughness while fatigued.
Keep a training journal. This helps you to look back at your training and your races to see how you felt. This can help you to analyze what you did right or wrong. I have been keeping a training journal for years. It is an invaluable tool. It helps maintain focus and allows you to make adjustments to your training regiment.
One of the best pieces of advice Josh offers is leaving the ipod at home on race day. Instead of plugging into Metallica during your prerace regiment trying to get amped up, take the time to get the mind and body ready and relaxed. Focus on the race and what your goals are. I guaranteed you will run or ride a smarter, more efficient race. TRAINER TODD

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