Monday, September 15, 2008


HELLO ALL!! After that horrible Nike Human Race 10k, I decided to run the Casa for Kids 5k the following weekend. I'm not a big fan of competing back to back weekends, but I needed to test myself. I was looking for a little redemption. It helped that the temperature was in the low 80's at start and that it was a short race with only a few hundred competitors. I felt good and raced well. I finished second overall with time of 18:11 @ 5:50 per mile. I let a 15 yr old kid beat me. It wasn't my proudest moment. This goes to show that sometimes you will have great workouts and sometimes have bad ones in the same week or month. Stay positive and realize that you will always have a better workout or race!! The body does weird things to us throughout the year. You will have peaks and valleys. Enjoy the roller coaster and keep chipping way at it!! Quitting is easy, finishing is an accomplishment!! So walk or run that extra mile this week. Spend that extra day in the weight room, on the elliptical or yoga class. KEEP AT IT!!! Trainer Todd

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